Can I close the App and the alarm still triggers?

Yes, that will works.
Your phone has to be on and connected to the internet.

The YouTube video player alarm showed an error?

Don't send: age restricted, private or other restricted videos. I can not ensure the player always works, it depends on the android studio library and Google.

Can I send a video to my own user alarm?

Yes, just enter your own Tubzer ID under "Send".
Than, your next alarm will be the YouTube video you set for yourself.

What is Tubzer ID?

It's your Identification (ID) for receiving videos from other users.
Share it with anyone you want to enable to send you Youtube videos as alarm sound.

A custom ID:

A random ID:

No alarm triggers, what can I do?

1. Is your Android version 13 (Tiramisu) or higher?
2. Is 'app overlay' permission enabled?
3. Is battery optimization disabled?

The App tells me I'm offline but I'm online?

VPN's can sometimes disturb the App functions.
Try to not change networks while you use the app.

Tubot AI Alarm, what is that?

Hier Bild mit der Tubot Section aus Navbar einf├╝gen. A Tubot AI Alarm works with the GPT AI to get YouTube videos based on your prompts and ratings.
The AI uses the YouTube API to find videos for your requirements.
Depending on your ratings every morning, the AI will send you videos more suited for your wake-up type.

Users send videos to me that I don't want. How can I block them?

If you become a victim of unwanted spam, you can get a new custom ID or a new random ID.
In both cases, your old ID will be deleted.
Custom ID is a premium service. To get a new random ID for free, email your current ID to:
Descirbe your issue shortly, so I can make sure it's you.

Can I block one user?

You can report a user by sending an email to:
Please describe the issue, and I will check the logs and take action, such as blocking, banning, or changing the ID.

If two people send YouTube video links to a user, which video will trigger for the user?

The user will always get the latest video set for them. So, every time a video is sent, their user alarm updates.
Tubot AI Alarms are not affected.

What if someone sets a silent video as an alarm?

Normally, the vibration (if enabled) should be enough to wake you up.
But I still recommend setting a system alarm as a backup.

User Alarm, what is that?

A User Alarm is for receiving a YouTube video from another user.
When you set yourself a user alarm, you will wake up to videos friends send to you.
Your alarm clock will always be updated with the most recent video sent to you.

Can any YouTube video be set to a user's alarm?

Technically, yes, but regional and legal restrictions from YouTube apply.

What are Tubot AI Credits?

To use the OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo API, I have to pay for every token I use.
Therefore, I can only offer a small amount of free Tubot AI credits. If you want more credits, just buy them or watch an ad.

What are the Tubot AI Levels?

With higher Tubot AI levels, you unlock more features and perks for your Tubot AI. The number of reachable levels will be expanded with time and development of the app!
Level 1 - Response prioritization
Level 2 - Edit the temperature for requests to OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo API
Level 3 - Get a higher rate limit
Level 4 - Under development...

How does the Tubot AI rating work?

By rating your wake-up experience, you can improve the video suggestions from your Tubot AI.
If you have rated your Tubot AI many times and it doesn't supply good videos for waking up, you should set a different initial prompt.

How does the Tubot AI set up work?

1. Set an initial prompt of your interest. For example: funny cats, calm waterfall.
2. Choose a starting point for the AI from the suggestions.
3. Train Tubot AI every time you wake up.

What is Tubot AI temperature?

The AI temperature controls the creativity of the AI. Tubot AI relys on GPT AI (OpenAI). I recommend visting their website for more information.